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Lumia 930 & Windows 10

Hi All, Has anyone noticed problems with Lumia phones & using Skype, Voice Recorder or Speakerphone? My 2 year old Lumia 930 cannot be used on the functions I mention as of the Windows 10 update around April 2016. There is a well publicised problem w...

No sound on Lumia 925 video.

Hey guys, I don't know whether it was just me or if others were having this same problem but recently when taking videos the sound hasn't been recorded! I first noticed this when using 6sec and thought it may be to do with the app but when using the ...

cannot submit security code

Hi allMilo hereI am new to Vodafone and I cannot complete registration as I've been struggling to submit security code received through a text. Each and every time I try to submit it I receive a pop up window saying: "java.lang.NullPointerExceptionAD...

urpin by 2: Seeker
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My mobile is broken

I have a Nokia Lumia 930 Windows Phone which currently has no display at all. I've tried a reset and this has not worked. The phone rings when called but the display is black. How do I fix this or get the phone repaired? I have had it for over a year...

molly57 by 2: Seeker
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Nokia Lumia not receiving/sending texts

My boyfriend and I are both on Vodafone. I've got a Nokia Lumia 830 (Windows 8.1) and he's got a Nokia Lumia 640 (not sure which Windows he's got). I'm not receiving most texts from him. The other day I received a couple of texts when we were testing...

vodafone r206 windows 10

I've just installed software from a R206 device on Windows 10 but there is no response when I click on the software to initiate startup. How can I rectify this problem?

RBA by 2: Seeker
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hello im trying to enter the 6 digit code and all i get is this java.lang.NullPointerExceptionADF_FACES-60097:For more information, please see the server's error log for an entry beginning with: ADF_FACES-60096:Server Exception during PPR, #291

wrhardy by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Samsung Tab Pro S

This is now coming up with a error when I try to use mobile broadband is it going to be a pop in to shop to get it sorted sim card is in correctly 

bazjohn11 by 10: Established
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Resolved! Lumia 950 Lost Photos

I got an Lumia 950 about two weeks ago, and tried to send a photo this morning, only to find that all my photos (over 200) have gone. The files still seem to be there, but the gallery just shows black squares instead of thumbnails. Does anyone know h...

heh48 by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Not A Phone, But Windows 10 Mobile 4G Connection

Hi, does anyone happen to know the APN settings to use a Vodafone SIM with 4G data on in a Windows 10 laptop please? I've bought a new laptop which has a built-in mobile broadband modem and popped in the SIM for one of my numbers which has a 10Gb/mon...

mcintyre by 4: Newbie
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