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2.4Ghz has stopped working - I need a new router please!

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

About 3 days ago my 2.4Ghz wireless stopped working. All other aspects of the router still work, LAN, 5Ghz, WAN is connected fine, etc.


Steps I've tried:


Power cycle router

Factory reset router

Split and un-split 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz wireless


I even found out that if you factory reset with the broadband unplugged it gives you the option of selecting the wireless channel for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. I tried each channel one by one but still no joy.

If you stand next to the router with a laptop it sometimes detects the 2.4Ghz SSID but never connects as the signal is so weak. Hence it is broadcasting but something has failed so I need a new router.


Unfortunately I can't replace the router as Vodafone are using their VoIP service for my landline. Im seriously ill and all my doctors and hospitals call me on the landline as mobile signal here is non-existant on any network. I also can't replace the VoIP service as Vodafone in their wisdom are injecting custom fields into the SIP header so require a properly configured replacement from Vodafone.


I require the 2.4Ghz WiFi as all my smart devices can only use this and as I struggle to get out bed depend on these working.


I've spoken to Vodafone support via chat and I explained the situation and he started by saying he would check the line for me (for a WiFi issue!). I asked to speak to a senior tech as I've been installing broadband my entire life as an IT engineer (MCSE, etc) and he said he was 2nd line support. Oh dear. He has promised me a senor tech will call me back but nowt yet but that was only last night.


I need Vodafone to replace this router as I dont want to buy an access point as im trying to streamline everything plus Im now on benefits so can't really afford the £20.


I'm also on the latest firmware - the vodafone teach re-flashed it remotely for me just to rule that out anyway.






16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I feel your pain, and understand your reluctance to have to spend money to get the service  you are paying for.

Obviously, with your health issues, you don't have the time to experiment with 3rd party kit.

But. if the router is faulty (as you believe) they should replace it.

However, dealing with the standard support services is difficult, at the best of times.

I'm not sure if it will help, but in the following document, there is a phone number for vulnerable customers, so perhaps try giving that a call.

Vodafone products and services for vulnerable customers

I wish there was more we on the forum could do, but we are just customers like yourself.


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But I'm not on Pro or using Extenders. The signal ISNT BEING BROADCAST!!!! How much clearer can I be on this. Look at my post above about the Wifi analysis results.

Customer complaint said I need a new router but STILL they wont send me.

I'm emailing the Vodafone CEO as a Vodafone shareholder I find this situation unbelievable and completely unacceptable.

And bingo a new router is arriving Tuesday. Why is it who you know rather than what you know?

New router arrived this morning, configured and hey presto we have a full strength 2.4Ghz wireless signal and all my smart devices are back online. The steps I had to go through to get Vodafone to issue a replacement router was crazy. No non-tech person would have been able to convince Vodafone it was a hardware issue.

Oh and the moron 2nd line tech I spoke to on chat last Friday logged the call as a lline connection fault! ##~##! He even tried to perform a line test for a WiFi issue. I installed broadband professionally for over 10 years and I have to deal with this nonsense.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@JDuncan  Isn't it wonderful when you have to deal with someone rigidly following a script?

If you outsource your IT support operation at least give them decent training and allow them to go off script when you are clearly dealing with an IT professional who knows what they're talking about. But no they refuse to do a line test because you aren't there because you told them you were admitted to hospital even though it can be performed remotely and secondly he seriously thought that this would fix my wireless issue. But Sir you aren't there to check your wireless devices. IDIOTS!!!!

They refuse to escalate the call or replace the router until they perform another line check which is somehow magically going to fix a hardware fault with the 2.4Ghz chip/aerial. They also refuse to run the line check as I'm not there to tell them that the wireless has been fixed by running a line test. I've told them I'm terminally ill and rely on my smart devices for lights, curtains, etc but still no joy. As I'm stuck in hospital I can't do anything to get this issue resolved!

The number for vulnerable people takes you through to the normal support line.

I rang the complaints line and spoke to a very nice lady who was more clued up and helpful than the tech people and is organising a replacement router for me. Hopefully she can pull the relevant strings to get this sorted. Someone should be contacting me within 48 hours. I have little faith but she was very understanding and helpful so Vodafone win some points there.