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Other broadband queries

Anyone happy with Vodafone fibre broadband?

2: Seeker

Hi agigabit,


If you are after the Xiaomi Wi-Fi router, then eBay.

Don't bother chasing after their newer router as it still isn't very good. I think Draytek or Ubiquiti is probably the way to go but it is a lot more expensive.

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2: Seeker

Hi I change the adsl filter and connection is slightly better but drop out is still there

i am sure the best and the only fix is to swap the router with an unlocked one which I will do and update if any issue 


Vodafone support 2nd line sucks , they have bunch of employees with their heads in the sand just recording and processing complaints on daily basis , this drop out issue is common and so many users are affected from it ....!!!!! 


updtae: the problem remained the same, more dropouts 

it seems the router is the main reason which i believe i will end up changing 

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