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Bt Wifi Discs

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, I recently bought 3 black bt wifi discs. Is it possible to connect these with my vodafone router, if so how would i go about it?. Thanks.


15: Advanced member
15: Advanced member

It will work with your Vodafone router and installation is App driven and easy.  No technical knowledge needed,    If it is anything like the Velop trio I have recently installed, it'll be really simple and take longer to unpack it than to install it.

Installing BT Trio / Quad pack Whole Home Discs 

  1. Download the app
  2. Follow the steps on the app to plug inyour first disc and connect to its wi-fi.. 
  3. After you’ve connected to your first disc, the app will show you how to install the other disc(s) and all the settings for your new Whole Home Wi-Fi network. 
  4. To make sure your devices always connect to your new Whole Home Wi-Fi network, follow the steps on the app to forget your old network.

Thanks for the reply. I tried the solution you posted but no luck. Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks again. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @fkhan786, When you're trying to set your discs up, does the app offer any advice on why you're unable to connect or show any error messages?

Although assured by Vodafone my bt Wi-Fi disc extenders would work and getting assistance from an agent discs still not working. Router shows they have ‘Paired’ , they flash blue the have a continuous red light. Any solutions?

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Vodafone don't have a clue regarding what does or doesn't work with their equipment. I'd say it's not worth stressing over them. Ditch them and get proper equipment. 

Which extender will work with Vodafone router?

Tp-link work well 

The problem with the BT WiFi discs is that there are multiple models!  Some, where you have the master disk set up as a controller/access point will work like a dream with almost any system.  Others that look identical are only compatible with BT/Openreach hubs.  If it's not the case that you connect at least one of the disks via an ethernet cable and have them set up in that controller/access point mode I doubt they will work, if they connect to the router wirelessly I almost guarantee you'll never get them to work!  *You may also experience issues if you use them with certain models of both PlayStation and XBox!

1: Seeker

I think that black discs are locked to BT network/routers only. White BT discs are hub/router neutral.  Might be worth double checking.