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Other broadband queries

Can you use a third-party router on Vodafone Gigafast and does it work well?

3: Seeker
  • Third-party router being used: ASUS RT-AC86U.
  • Current ISP and package: BT - Infinity 2 (actual speeds: 72Mbps download and 15Mbps upload at 9ms ping).
  • Setup: WAN Connection Type is PPPoE and ASUS RT-AC86U is connected to BT Openreach modem white box.
  • Location: Milton Keynes


Hello all,


My BT contract for Infinity 2 package (broadband and phone) will end in August 2020 and I am looking to switch to Vodafone Gigafast 900Mbps package once my BT contract is finished. The main reason is because of incredibly low ping latency and higher upload speeds, as well as download speeds.


We have been with BT for more than a decade and we have had few issues with BT for the past few years, but the download/upload speeds has never dropped and the ping latency is always at 9ms which is important for me as I am an online gamer.


Now, I have few questions before I switch to Vodafone Gigafast ISP:


  • Has anyone have had a successful setup when using a third-party router (ASUS RT models) with Vodafone Gigafast black box on the wall (not the Vodafone router one)?
  • If so, how did you set it up? Pictures would be great please.
  • Is the ping latency good? I would rather anything below 10ms.

I hope that any of you could answer my questions and provide any images/videos of the setup that you currently have when using a third-party router with the Vodafone Gigafast package.


The picture I have included is what I meant about the 'black box' as I don't know what its called.




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16: Advanced member

Yes you can use your own router!

The most challenging part is getting the CORRECT username and password from Vodafone the username being in the format dsl0000123456 ''


The only hurdle is passing the VLAN ID from the router to the ONT (PON/Modem call it what you want).

On the RT-AC86U the way you are going to do this is from LAN > IPTV tab select the "manual" profile and set the VLAN ID to 911 (for Milton Keynes).


*I'm on Teeside, and due to get Vodafone/Cityfibre within the next year, but the RT-AC86U I know like the back of my hand!

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3: Seeker

Hey Keith,


Thank you very much for your post.


I'm glad to hear that we can use a 3rd party router for Vodafone Gigafast packages. About the 'black box' part, I've learnt more about it and its called 'ONT'. Found out that it has a WAN/LAN output port on the bottom to connect to the router, so that's good.


I already know that it will be challenging to get the right username and password from Vodafone to enter into ASUS setup page, so thank you for reminding me that as well.


One question though, how do you know that 3rd party router (specifically ASUS models) will work with Vodafone Gigafast? Just wondering that's all.


Thanks again!




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16: Advanced member

There are plenty of people on the forums who've done it already.  Once you've connected the ONT to the router using an ethernet cable, set up a PPPOE connection and set the VLAN via the IPTV page it should work.  The only routers that are not going to work are those without the ability to somehow setup the VLAN ID.

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3: Seeker

Ah right okay.


So you're certain that my ASUS RT-AC86U will work with Vodafone Gigafast via ONT box?


Also, please take a look at the screenshot that I've attached in this post message. Is that all I need to do?


LAN > IPTV > Select ISP Profile to 'Manual setting'  > Type 911 into Internet VID box > Then Apply ?


I know I'm asking a lot, I always want to make sure and you're already helping me as the Vodafone Broadband Technical Team via Live Chat wasn't sure how to help me on this (I talked to more than 5 different agents and they had no clue what I am talking about).


Thanks again Keith 😁

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