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Other broadband queries

Downgraded to superfast 1 on home move

2: Seeker

I took out a 24 month superfast 2 broadband deal in May 2020 for £22.95 a month, due to expire May 2022.


I recently rang to arrange a house move, to which the person on the phone happily obliged and said it was all sorted and my existing deal and contract would be transferred over on our agreed date, I got the "your home move is underway" confirmation email and text through, it seemed all was well.


2 weeks later I got another call to say something had gone wrong and they had to resubmit the request. They didn't say what had gone wrong, just that it was an error at their end. I gave all the home move details again and was this time connected through to openreach myself by the operator to arrange an engineer appointment (thought this was a bit strange as last time they did it themselves but was assured all was well). I also got a stream of texts/emails about early cancellation fees/order details and the like which I was told to ignore by the operator as these were system generated and that she was overriding them as I hadn't actually cancelled/taken out anything.


The connection was switched over on Monday of this week (13th September) which all went without hiccup, however I noticed the speeds were not very quick (40Mbps sync speed in the app), so I've logged into my account online and it is now saying I'm on Superfast 1 with my deal set to expire in September 2023 with my upcoming bill for this month nearly at £33. This is not the deal I originally took out which they said would be transferred over to the new address when I rang them. This is a brand new deal which is more money for worse speeds and I did not agree to this, nor was I told this would be the case. I was told my existing deal would be transferred and I was assured they were overriding any system generated happenings from the person on the phone at the time (perhaps happening because they had to resubmit the request a different way - I don't know). 


Now I am lost and confused. I tried to make contact on Twitter, however after my initial message being picked up and being asked to DM, I'm now not getting any response, to DM or to mentions. 

14: Advanced member

I suspect your first month's bill at the new address is made up of the part month of your pre-move contract plus something around £19.50 for your first month of Superfast 1.

In terms of old contract/new contract - I believe a house move always involves termination of the old contract and a new one at the new address.  The Superfast 1 thing is likely down to human error. It happens but upgrading to SF2 (£21.50 p/m) should be relatively straight forward but with the reputation Vodafone rightly or wrongly has for shabby customer service, shocking tech support and incompetence… good luck.


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16: Advanced member

Firstly, raise an official complaint, they have behaved abysmally. (no surprise there)

Complaints Code of Practice | Vodafone

Secondly the current prices for Superfast 1&2 are £19.50 and £21.50 (2 year contract) so there is no way you should need to pay more than that. Sounds like they have put you on a Pro contract.

As for the speed you are getting, the new property may not be able to get the same speed as the previous one due to distance from the cabinet. See what Openreach say you can get here: BT Broadband (

Good luck with this, do let us know how you get on.

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Hi @lilyh07 👋 This is certainly something that needs investigating so that we can get to the bottom of this, if you have already messaged the Twitter team they will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience with this.

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