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HOW TO: Use a third party router on Vodafone VDSL

13: Advanced Member

When configuring a modem (often a router in bridge mode) for a  PPPoE connection I have found it necessary to set priority (802.1p) to a value of 2.   This was necessary when I tried to use my router in bridge mode. If the router is in DSL router mode it is quite happy with 802.1p = 0    !!

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2: Seeker

i desperately need help guys

i have THG 3000 modem, my internet is down ( 200 MBPS) and connection is dropping every hour and i am left in limbo) 


i read its the faulty Router (THG3000) , what is the best replacement Router i can order from Amazon or Ebay and replace  if Vodafone is useless ( which in fact they are) , imagine the horror of being left out without internet while the support is simply a joke 



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Not applicable

Hi @agigabit! We understand the importance of staying connected, and you can find a full list of the Openreach approved routers here. I'd recommend sticking to this list when looking for a new router.

We'd love to help you get this resolved and run a few tests to make sure your line is working as it should. I'd definitely recommend dropping our Social Media team a message here, and a member of the team will be more than happy to take this forwards with you!

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