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How do I make multiple static IPs work???

4: Newbie



I am currently stuck in the Vodafone support "Black Hole". It's extremely stressful. 


I have been given the details of my 29-bitmask multiple static IPs and Vodafone says they are active but can't tell me how to use them or how I can confirm that they are working. They pretty much said that was for me to figure out.


I found the document online that details how to apply the static IPs to the router in the "Public Subnet" area and I have done that, and it accepts it, but I can't find any way to use them and route them through to internal devices. I'm not a network expert but I am extremely tech-savvy. I can usually figure this stuff out easily but in this case, I am hitting a brick wall.


My router public IP is completely different from the range of static IPs they have given me, and they have said this normal. It's not a static IP either, it's DHCP as it changes when the router is restarted. I was expecting the router IP to be static on one of the addresses (I assumed the first usable address). However, Vodafone's support is saying I can't have a static IP on my router because I have multiple static IPs. 


The assumption that I made when asking for multiple static IPs was that it would work in the same way a single static IP does, whereby you port forward and poke holes in the firewall to internal clients, but with the option to specify different public IP as the external address as per the usable ones allocated to me.


To be clear I have never had multiple static IPs before so the setup around them is new to me so it quite possible my problem is due to a lack of understanding of how multiple static IPs work.


I would really appreciate any help or advice.



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