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Multiple static IPs - how to assign first IP to the router

2: Seeker

Hello. We have the THG3000 router with business broadband. Just activated multiple static IP on our account. On the router's expert settings, we do not get a "multiple static IP" menu as shown in the static IP user guide but there is a "public subnet" menu with similar settings. It seems to accept our /29 IP settings but there doesn't appear to be any other screens telling us how to use or assign those IPs.


Firstly, how do I get the router to take on the first address? e.g. where: Network address (for your router - not usable) usable usable usable usable usable usable Broadcast address (not usable)


Under Status & Support > Status > DSL Status > IPv4 address shows a completely different IP (and I assume dynamically assigned by Vodafone) for our router.

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2: Seeker

I should add, I've already waited 24 hours since the static IPs were activated and tried restarting the router.

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4: Newbie

In Settings>Public subnet, the settings are:


CPE IPv4 address: (Your first usable IP address, which is the router)

Subnet mask:

Subnet ID: (the first IP in the block. I think this may be filled in automatically)


Then it's just a case of assigning the IP addresses to the devices; if on Windows, it's Control panel >Network and Sharing Centre>change adapter settings>right click your adapter and select Properties> select IPv4 and then lick Properties>select 'Use the following IP address' and enter the details, adding your preferred DNS servers. Or on other devices, enter the details where required. Remeber to disable DHCP if necessary.


HTH. I don't think many companies have a static NAT plus block and i always seems to faze first line support.




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2: Seeker

Thanks ren, that's more support than I got from Vodafone but I worked that part out myself.


The problem is, the " first usable IP address, which is the router" is not being assigned to my router. My router still takes on a dynamic IP.


Unfortunately, we've ended up in a Vodafone support black hole where we keep getting someone who is desperate to find  a solution becuase of our supreme loyalty as a customer, that they don't take the time to first understand what is our problem but simply go on to say "fixed it, wait 24-48 hours". I had to tell them to STOP and not to make any more changes as it will make it worse, but they weren't listening at all, saying what they do will definitely fix it.


Anyway, after posting above we called tech support (each time we kept getting passed to another team who would be able to help) and finally, they said something on their end didn't match the multiple IP range we were assigned, so they disabled/renabled on their side. About 2 days later, we got an email to say it was activated but the IP address information was blank so it didn't work again. So they tried yet again. 2 days later, they enabled single static IP, not multiple. Duh! So frustrating. Two weeks and we still can't switchover our servers to Vodafone.





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4: Newbie



Sorry to reignite this thread but did you ever find a solution to this? I have the exact same issue and I am also stuck in the Vodafone support "Black Hole". It's extremely stressful. 


I have been given the details of my 29-bitmask multiple static IPs and Vodafone says they are active but can't tell me how to use them or how I can confirm that they are working. They pretty much said that was for me to figure out.


I found the document online that details how to apply the static IPs to the router in the "Public Subnet" area and I have done that, and it accepts it, but like the OP I can't find any way to route them through to internal devices. I'm not a network expert but I am extremely tech-savvy. I can usually figure this stuff out easily but in this case, I am hitting a brick wall.


Like the OP, my router public IP is completely different from the range of static IPs they have given me, and they have said this normal. I was expecting the router IP to be static on one of the addresses (I assumed the first usable address). However, Vodafone's support is saying I can't have a static IP on my router because I have multiple static IPs. 


The assumption that I made when asking for multiple static IPs was that it would work in the same way a single static IP does, whereby you port forward and poke holes in the firewall to internal clients, but with the option to specify different public IP as the external address as per the usable ones allocated to me.


To be clear I have never had multiple static IPs before so the setup around them is new to me so it quite possible my problem is due to a lack of understanding of how multiple static IPs work.


I would really appreciate any help or advice.






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2: Seeker

Sorry, no, can’t help as Vodafone were absolutely useless. The service was so bad it took endlesss phone calls to cancel our contract within our cooling off period which they said was shorter than it was in our contract!


only good point is in the end everything was cancelled and they refunded everything (despite chasing us for bills we didn’t need to pay).


We’ve gone with TalkTalk business and was straightforward to set up a static IP and do what we wanted with them. 

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4: Newbie



That's bad. I'm out of my cooling off period now but I am going to insist on being released from the contract unless they prove to me that it's working by showing me how I use them with their own equipment. If they can't support me to get it working, then I will see that as I breach of contract, as the ability to have multiple static IPs were the main selling point and I told them that when signing up. They need to be able to support the features they offer on their own equipment at least.


This has been going on since 30 September and I have lost count of the number of phone calls there have been and the amount of time I have wasted on this. Every time it's someone different with no one taking ownership of the matter. They put me on hold constantly while they consult with second-line tech support. I don't know why they can't just let me speak with them directly. Most of the first line support doesn't seem to even understand the problem.

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2: Seeker

Totally understand where you’re coming from and had the same experience. They’re completely incompetent which makes it so frustrating.


Hope you get something sorted eventually. Good luck!

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10: Established


This may be totally annoying, but.........

Multi Static IP.png

If you have a multi-layer router or firewall and router configuration, you must set up a static route to the first device. Follow these guidelines:
  1. Make sure the router connected to the Fiber Jack is set to DHCP and that one of its ports is set with one of the static IPs as the gateway address.
  2. Make sure the remaining routers have static routes pointing to the gateway.

I hope I am not teaching Granny to suck eggs.

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2: Seeker

was any one ever able to sort this as it is a bloody nightmare! vodafone are of no use and the router doesnt seem to want to allow any traffic to the 'public' ip addresses!

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Hi @stra1ghtarrow, we can take a closer look into your account and speak with our Technical team if needed to find out what may be causing this for you. Please drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter, along with your Community username and a link to your post, and we'll get the ball rolling from there 👍 

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