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Other broadband queries

Issues with iFit / NordickTrack bike on Vodafone broadband

2: Seeker
I'm getting intermittent issues with my bike and iFit advised me that my ISP is sometimes blocking these addresses and they need to be white listed, I Contacted Vodafone support who were useless and didn't understand it. Does anyone know how I go about this? Thanks
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16: Advanced member

It seems unlikely they would be intermittently blocking addresses.

However as Vodafone's blocking is DNS based, the easiest way to stop it is to not use Vodafone's DNS.

Change your DNS setting in the router to someone else. I like to use Cloudflare and Google. and


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Not applicable

The site is badly coded/setup there are problems accessing the specific hosts.  From what I can see that site fails from other major UK ISPs too!

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