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Other broadband queries

'Sorry, Something went wrong' - Can't checkout broadband

2: Seeker

Hi! I'm thinking about to move to a new property but I need to know If I can really get 900mbps or not. It's a bit confusing. When I enter details about the property(House Number, postcode) it shows as I can get 910 mbps. Which is what I wanted. If I continue to checkout( just for testing ) it's not working. Always returns that error. 

Address that I'm thinking to move is number 32. Strange thing is when I enter the same post code and another house number like 30,28,26 etc it doesn't return an error, I can buy it. I can share the details about the address if needed. I'm not going to rent the property if I can't get 900 mbps. It's important for my job and gaming. Thank you.

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16: Advanced member

Best thing would be ring vodafone broadband sales up . Forum staff wont be able to help

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Hey @wrathgor, It's awesome to see you're thinking of joining us 👍 As this is a public forum, we wouldn't be able to discuss any account related issues with you here. Have you followed @gipjon advice and reached out to our Broadband Sales team? I'm sure they'll be able to get an account set up and advise when your service can be installed 😊

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