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USB Hard Drive - Shared on SAMBA (SMB) - Username + Password

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I recently switched to Vodafone via CityFibre from Virgin Media.
I have the Ultra Hub with 2 boosters.

I have connected a external hard drive to the main Ultra Hub and via the Web UI I have ticked the "Share All" function from the export mode UI under Sharing. I also have DNLA and SAMBA ticked too.

I can see my hard drive on \\vodafone.ultrahub\WD_Elements1042_1_b04e
and some of my devices (TV box for instance) can see it available as a Network Storage device //

Windows connects fine, but the other devices don't connect as it usually needs a username and password. The Web UI doesn't allow you to set a username and password for your Shared Hard Drives.

Is there a default Username and Password?  The Wifi Xperts support was useless and said there is only a default Password (same as Web UI) and no Username. They told me to post here for support instead (!)

Hopefully someone here can help or has had a similar issue and solved it.

Thanks in advance for any help! This same hard drive, via SAMBA (SMB) connected no problem to all my devices on my previous router (I was able to set a username and password manually and make sure it had Read/Write permissions but Ultra Hub doesn't allow this).