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Other broadband queries

Why is it so hard to speak to a human being?

2: Seeker

Honestly, the phone support number is completely useless - it just directs you back to the website and then hangs up on you. How do I actually speak to a human being? The complete lack of customer service is making me consider if I'll retain either my phone or broadband once the agreement is up.


I completed the online form for a house move to be told I had to phone up to provide details, phoned, followed the prompts only to be redirected back to the webpage and hung up on. I gave up and decided fine, I'll leave the broadband in my old place and the new tenant will pay me - tried to change the direct debit details, online form said could not be done and to phone. I phoned, which directed me back to the online form and hung up on me again. I tried just staying on the phone and saying I wanted to speak to an actual human... and got hung up on. 


The phone number is literally useless at the moment... do any human beings actually work in Vodafone support anymore? Absolutely shocking customer service.

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Community Manager

Hi @danh23! I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been having processing a Home Move with us. We're unable to access accounts via the forum, however, if you contact our Social Media team here, they'll be able to process the Home Move with you 🙂

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16: Advanced member

"Why is it so hard to speak to a human being?" The simple answer is humans expect to get a wage, computers don't.

However, I have never not been able to speak to someone, but there can be a long wait, and when you do get someone they are rarely able answer the query. If so I just ring again, you never seem to get the same person twice.

What number are you using? I always call 08080 034 515

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4: Newbie

The profits rely on cutting everything to the bone.
It's a bizarre aspect of capitalism that means profit comes before customers (even though customers are the source of the profit).

Best not to fight it, just move on to whomever gives the lowest price at the time. All broadband providers are much the same.

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