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Forward port 22 on new Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub

The new Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub prevents WAN port 22 being forwarded to port 22 on the LAN. Further, even if a different WAN port is used, WAN port 2222 to be forwarded to LAN port 22 on an internal IP address for example, the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub will not ...

rossboy1 by 3: Seeker
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Display floureon cctv system on windows10 PC

Hi,I have recently installed a Floureon cctv security systen and would like to display on my windows PC.I have installed the supplied software (CMS) and followed instructions. Unfortunately I am unable to "find" floureon system when doing an IP searc...

mikedunk by 2: Seeker
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WiFi broadband

Hi I have a ps4 at home and whenever I connect the WiFi to my ps4 it has a very weak signal and is very slow. My question is can I boost my ps4 via the WiFi broadband app ? 

Apple tv access

I have had VF broadband for a couple of months and just got round to plugging in the Apple tv. There was the promise of 1yr Apple TV subscription. How do I access this? Looked in the emails I received and also the stuff in my VF account online. Any i...

MarkyG82 by 2: Seeker
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How do I include Samsung ipolis DDNS into the THG 3000 DDNSselection box?

skinboy by 2: Seeker
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Broadband app issue

Since joining Vodafone broadband a couple of months ago I have not been able to view the sync speed on the app or router Web page. I seem to have the tile missing on the app. I have attached image of my dashboard. I contacted Vodafone on web chat las...

Ghost LAN entries

On my THG3000 Vodafone router software, there are entries of wired computers that are no longer connected to my LAN.Is there a way of removing them and why are they still showing a week or so after they were physically diconnected from the network?

broadband Router

My broadband is being upgraded next week; the (new) router has arrived today, can I use it straight away or must I wait until the upgrade is carried out?

jimhrvy by 2: Seeker
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