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Other broadband queries

new broadband billing direct debit query

3: Seeker

hi, just had my broadband installed today and got my account opened, I see it says my next bill will be created on the 29th of Dec, when will the payment be taken from my bank account by direct debit? a few days after? is it possible to change the date to the 1st of the month going forward? I like to have all my bills come off on the 1st, cheers

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17: Community Champion

Hi @FUrake 


As you will receive the first bill within 2 days of joining, you probably mean the 29th November and not the 29th December.  


If refer to this link When will I get my first bill and how much will it be?  you will see the first bill is charged pro rata and you will be charged he first few days of your connection, plus one full months charges in advance. 


As far as the direct debit is concerned banks need at least two weeks notice to arrange the mandate and the bill will show the direct debit date.  To change the date you will need to speak to the Broadband Team on 08080 034 515, they will also be able to address any other questions.


Further information here : Understanding your Vodafone Broadband Bill 



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3: Seeker

thats strange, it def says the future bill will be created 29th december and the amount of the bill is £40.98 which is 2 months payment combined, so that would be december and january combined?





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Community Manager

Hey @FUrake 👋 It's great to have you with us! 

As @AnnS has mentioned, your first bill is usually produced within a few days of your activation date and the 'future bill' would mean your next one. 

We're not able to change the first payment due date but should be able to for your next one - please come and speak to my team on social media and we'll look into it 🙂

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