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Other broadband queries

thoughts on the new vodafone router - gigabox vox3.0?

3: Seeker



To everyone who has the new vodafone router vox 3.0 - what are your thoughts on it? I feel like it is less refined and less flexible than my old bt hub 6 router, even though that has no WAN port! The router feels a bit cheap and tacky, and I got slightly better coverage on my home hub 6. Sometimes vodafone router gives me a better signal, but it's behaving weirdly. Downstairs in the study (router modem in in boxroom upstairs) I struggle to get a signal with this box, but with hub6 i had no problems. However, sometimes, out of nowhere, I get two wifi bars on the iphone, then it drops to 1, then it cuts out. Very strange - feels like the beam focusing tech is trying to work but failing.


It frustrated me so much that i set up the old hub6 over powerline to extend the wifi, but that in itself is erratic and occasionally give me stupid ip addresses like 169.254....instead of the normal 192.168...


Will see how it goes over the next two weeks, but if the wifi problems are not fixed, I might have to disable it and get a mesh network!

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2: Seeker

The interface is slow and mine won't recognise a Sierra Wireless 889 mobile dongle, and doesn't seem to work with a ZTE MF823 either - doesn't reject the ZTE but keeps tearing down the connection. A compatibility list from Vodafone would be nice.

Can't comment on broadband as it's the replacement for my HHG2500 after they managed to cancel my line in error after I rang up to raise a fault for low evening bandwidth. New service doesn't go live for another 2 days.

Two weeks waiting on the new activation date.

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3: Seeker

The interface is rubbish. I seriously hope Vodafone release a firmware soon to get rid of the bugs and add a bit more functionality! The router modem has fewer options than bt hub 6 (apart from guest which BT doesn't have).  In every other way bt hub 6 felt more reliable. That said, i've not had many dropped connections - twice in the last 6 days since joining. As promised by vodafone, the line is settling down. For the size of the gigabox vox 3.0, you'd expect much better wifi coverage than the hub gives you.


I'm going to get a mesh wifi network and two top of the rnage powerline adapters for wifi - I will just use the modem router as a switch and dchp server to allocate the ip addresses - should be good enough to manage that

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