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Pay as you go

5X Data on big value bundle

2: Seeker

I just bought a new SIM. I've signed up for the £10 bvb. In the pamphlet which came with my SIM, it says I can enjoy 5x data for 3 months, taking it from 3gb to 15gb. 

The text I received when I signed up said that I had 3gb. 

So does this mean I have the 15gb or the 3gb? And if it's the 3gb, how do I get the 15?  Thanks

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Idkchards 


This is a one off Big Value data offer, the terms are here:  Five Times Data on Pay as you go The extra data will be added to your account within 24 hours of activating the SIM.


As you are a new customer, as well as registering your SIM online and setting up an online account it would be  be beneficial to download the My Vodafone Application to your phone this will give an indication of the amount of data you have remaining.  There is further information here:  Getting Started 


If your account does not show the full promotional 15GB data after 24 hours,  please return to the forum and this can be investigated by the Team, hopefully this won't be necessary.

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