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Pay as you go

Card Payment Failed

3: Seeker

I tried to topup my sim card, I encountered the card payment failure many times .

I tried both of revolute virtual debit card and physica credit card issued by bank, all result failed.

I am almost running out of data...

How can I solve this issue???



card failed.png


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17: Community Champion

Hi @eddielkk 


I am sure this is a problem with Vodafone accepting the cards, with Revolute being a virtual prepaid card, it may well not be an accepted card.  Debit/credit cards also need to be UK cards for a UK bank, with mobile top up being a high fraud concern foreign banks may decline the transaction.


The first thing to do is to clear your cookie history and PC cache, there may be an unwanted cookie preventing the transaction.


You can top up by text but will first need to register a UK card or by using a top up voucher available from a supermarkets and some newsagents.  Try topping up online from the link on this page top up.

Also further information here: Vodafone top up 

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17: Community Champion

If your unable to use an alternative card then I'd suggest picking up a Vodafone Top up voucher which are available from many Highstreet outlets etc @eddielkk 

If you do run out of data then remember to turn Off Mobile Data in your phone's settings before topping up. This will stop the Payg1 £1 per day charge kicking in.

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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