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Pay as you go

Failed to add plan to your account

1: Seeker

I paid £10 into my account so that i could buy the £10 plan.


Voxi took money out of my bank account within minutes but everytime i try to add the "£10 Pack" it keeps saying "Failed to add plan to your account" constantly, even though they have taken the money already from my account.


Now i am stuck with the most useless bot ever trying to get help resolving the issue, not sure if anyone has any suggestions please.

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17: Community Champion

@JoshuaJ01 sometimes there can be a short delay between the funds being taken and the plans allowances being added.

If this situation is still the same then if your not getting further forward via option then you can speak to a Voxi Agent via Social Media.





Unfortunately account access isn't available via this forum.

Some possible help also in 

Also it might be beneficial to ask your Bank if the money has actually been taken by Voxi or it's been gated off at a pending status awaiting for Voxi to take it. If something has glitched and Voxi don't collect the funds then it'll drop back into your bank account in a few working days.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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14: Advanced member

You need to contact Voxi through Facebook or Twitter.

Be aware that their support isn't good and it will be 6-8 hours before they respond to your DM. Make sure you DM them! If you simply post on their community page it will be a day or two before they respond, and when they do it will be a request that you DM them.


VOXI - Community | Facebook › ... › VOXI

VOXI (@VOXI_UK) · Twitter


They do have a Webchat that's hard to get past the automatic bot responses but once you do, you're able to chat to a customer service agent. It wasn't working when I tried it a few days ago though.

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Hi @JoshuaJ01! It can take up to 24 hours for anything to process. It can take a further 24 hours for this to update in your online account. Once you receive email confirmation of the plan, you'll be good to go. Alternatively, use the link @BandOfBrothers has provided to contact VOXI's customer service team 🙂

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3: Seeker

The same thing has just happened to me and I’m upset. Could you tell how you fixed this if possible 

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Hi @Ismail786, thanks for your message, we're sorry to hear that same thing has happened has to you. Is the payment for the plan showing as pending with bank? As Beth said in her post, it can take up to 24 hours for the plan to be added. If it's been longer than 24 hours, it might be a case that the funds will be returned and a new plan will be needed. For us to check this, please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter. 

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