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How can I know Vodafone package by check SIM card?

2: Seeker


How can I know Vodafone package by check SIM card?

I have a SIM card that is not use yet. However there is not outside packing so I don't know what package for it. Is possible to find related information by check serial number in CIM card?



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17: Community Champion

That's strange as the sim card should have been stuck inside a card envelope which gives you all the information needed.

I see the instructions on the reverse of the sim card are not English.

May I assume your in Spain ?

This forum is for UK customers.

Spain do have their own Spanish Forum and Customer services.

Vodafone Network's in different countries are not linked @QA123 

Personally I'd think about binning that sim card and pick one up from a Vodafone Highstreet Store or a shop that provides them.

If you believe the sim is safe to use then turn off Mobile Data in your phone to stop any credit being used for mobile Data and then insert the sim and you'll get various welcome messages and set up texts.

You can download the myvodafone app or use the online myvodafone option and it'll tell you what the sim is on and how to change the tariff if required.

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