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Moving number from PAYG to PAYM

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I recently filled out the form ( to move my PAYG number to PAYM.

I recieved an email and text informing me that my request had been received and that my number ought to be moved by the end of the next working day.

Needless to say, as i am on here, it wasn't.

I waited a couple more days and then called and was told that they could see the request and that it would be moved by the end of that day.

It wasn't.

I called again and was told that the form had not gone through correctly and so they needed to send me a text message on both the old (PAYG) number and the new (PAYM) number. The problem is i have already disposed of the old PAYG sim so their next solution was to go to a vodafone store, which is not convenient or to resubmit the form.

I have resubmitted the form, what are the chances?!

I really do not think that this procedure should be so difficult. This is about the third time i have used this form to port a number which has not gone through succesfully.

Vodafone are supposed to be a technology company and yet the most straightforward tasks rarely seem to be handled efficiently.

Is there anyway of raising this issue without receiving the usual standard response?

As a customer and a shareholder i am becoming increasingly concerned.



Hi again @iTraxx. Please refer to my response on the duplicate thread that you've created.