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Pay as you go

Question about Vodafone Pay As You Go

2: Seeker

I bought a cheap phone off Amazon and a Pay As You Go sim card. I thought I was just paying per text and call I made. However, I got sent this text message:

"Welcome to Pay as you go 1. On the day you use your phone you'll pay £1 and get unlimited minutes and texts plus 50MB of data to use until midnight. And on the days you don't use your phone to make a call, send a text or use data, you won't pay anything"

This is not what I wanted. Some days I make only 1 text. That means I will be paying £1 for 1 text. I rarely use my phone, just to make occasional texts and calls when I need it, so this will cost me a lot of money.

Is there any way to change to paying just per text and call?

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17: Community Champion

Certainly agree it would be a good idea to only pay for the occasional call or text @mikoto06 .

Unfortunately, Vodafone only offer PAYG 1 or Big Value bundles.  See here: PAYG Plans 


As Vodafone is not giving you what you are looking for, the other alternative is an alternative provider.


edited to add:  A previous thread here @mikoto06 Asda and 1 p mobile are mentioned.

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10: Established
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