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Retrieving a Vodafone phone number

2: Seeker

Hello I haven't top up my Vodafone phone number for about 1 year and I lost my phone number. My phone read the number of the sim but it shows just emergency phone call. Is IT any chance I can get back my phone number and top it up?. THANK YOU. 

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17: Community Champion

The terms and conditions on a Payg is that it has to be used to make a call , top up etc at least every 270 days to keep it live.

If it isn't used then Vodafone can suspend the account and quarantine the number and put it back into the number pool to be re issued out at a later date.

A person has a very relatively short period of time to get the number back @Aileni 

If you contact customer services contact-us  or Live Chat they'll be able to advise if they can give you the number back or not.

The Vodafone Social Media Team Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries would be able to advise too as they have account access also.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Aileni 


There have been a number of threads on the forum asking this question.  Unfortunately, if it's been as long as a year, the number may well be lost, it could also have been reissued and ported out to an alternative network.


Please see previous threads below.




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