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Vodafone prepaid sim balance used after 2 days

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I'm really confused by what is going. I am in Italy for a week and spain for a few days. I've been in Italy (Rome) for two days. I pushed a vodafone sim with 6gb of data at the airport (what a pain, they only have them in one terminal!). I followed the instructions to turn off data, wait for activation, etc.

After two days my phone just quit working. No notification, while miles away, on new years eve no less! Managed to find my way back to the hotel fortunately and then dial 414 and was told my balance was -0.06 euro.

I have no idea what limit was exceeded but I have not made a single call and have used about 500gb of 6gb.

Vofafone's web site is terrible, it has no language selection. I was able to figure out what the SMS message meant only after using my wifi to translate it. The number they say to call to reload is also only in Italian and I have no idea what any of the options are. I'll have to ask someone at the hotel to help me out.

There has to be a way to tell what used my credit, I feel really ripped off right now. The store also just tells me the balance is gone, but can't tell me what used it. That just doesn't seem possible unless this is just a 3rd tier carrier, I went with them because I heard they had the best coverage.

At this rate just paying my home roaming fee of $10/day is better than this.

If I can figure out what used the "balance" I would prefer to just reload it, I do think I can make my way through the web reload interface, still not english but I can translate it.

Or should I find a "TIM tourist" card somewhere and try that?

Any help would be much appreciated. I now have offline maps but I need whatsapp and to be able to look up details of sites I'm visiting so I need data. Not much.

Or did I fall for an airport sim card scam and I'm just screwed? The people at the desk were struggling and took ages but seemed to have it figured out eventually....



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The problem is @yuwon44 , the Community here is only for Vodafone UK help and support, Vodafone Italy is a different company and network.  


Unfortunately, you are going to need to contact Vodafone Italy about this problem, only they will have the necessary account access.


I know Vodafone UK have a balance enquiry number and Vodafone Italy will have their own balance enquiry number.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @yuwon44 

I totally understand and appreciate your just wanting to be more informed on where your credit has gone and rightly so.

The Vodafone Social Media Teams here can't access your account as they can only help with Uk enquiries.

I totally appreciate the language barrier your facing too.

I'd suggest to turn off Mobile Data in your phone's settings for now and connect to an available Wi-Fi connection as this hopefully will stop any further possible costings and afford you the quality time to undertake some investigation online.

Then spend some quality time using Google Translate and perhaps create an account to log into any available myvodaphone app / myvodaphone online login so you can try and find out.

And yes speaking with an Italian person would be advantageous too.

Above all enjoy your trip 😎

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