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Failed credit check

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

So applied for the new I phone 15 pro max today for myself and my wife did hers on her device today also, hers went through but mine didn’t it said I failed credit check even though my credit is good and yet I even paid off the balance of my loan agreement for my current phone of £105 just to see if it would help but still failed what the smeg am I to do apart from just going to another phone provider because of all the years of being a loyal Vodafone customer and this is how I get rewarded



It's disappointing to see your Community entry. We completely understand how alarming it must have been to see this decision. If you haven't done so already @Gmanno1, you can appeal this credit check decision by completing the Credit check appeal form online. 

I’ve done that and they’ve just said I’ve been refused,I’ve even spoke to various other people and been given no good answers other than because I tried to make my purchase 10-12 times it’s possibly wrecked my credit score or something and I’d have to wait for 90days to attempt again but I decided to try again and opted to pay the maximum amount allowed for the device I phone 15 max pro with 512 gb £1260 and put on a 3 year contract and airtime plan for 50gb and it still refused so what ever the f**k is going i really haven’t a bloody clue I did a credit check with Experian and got a credit score of 999 excellent, I’m autistic so this goes against all my logic why it’s refused me at all and I’m so done with Vodafone after today I get told call Experian and find out why, there answer is ask Vodafone they have the answers not them as to why I’ve been refused, Vodafone answer is I failed to meet the minimum criteria, so even if I offer to pay the maximum amount I can’t get credit for under £200 for a contract, if you can’t resolve this issue please don’t bother with a response I’m now working at just getting the device myself obviously cheaper than getting it through Vodafone and then getting a sim only contract obviously better than the deals Vodafone could offer me possibly and taking my money to a company that wants to business with a loyal customer of at least 20 years it’s a disgrace to be treated like this.