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Pay as you go

Vodaphone erro

2: Seeker

I had a top-up yesterday. The payment was made but the data was not charged.

What should I do?

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17: Community Champion

What type of Payg tariff have you chosen @dltmddnjs954 

Payg 1 or a Big value bundle ?

In which way did you top up ?

I would also suggest to check in your myvodafone app and or the online myvodafone to see if that shows what's is the credit still showing.

If not then perhaps also speak with your bank as they'll be able to advise if Vodafone have collected the top up or if your bank has gated off the funds from your account for Vodafone to collect. If Vodafone don't collect the funds should drop back into your available bank balance in a few days.

Obviously this is if you've topped up online.

As there is no account access via this forum anymore you could check with Vodafone customer services via 191 or Live Chat or the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. Who can check your Vodafone account.

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