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A place to discuss the My Vodafone App, bundles, Vodafone devices, Pay as you go Rewards and more. For any account specific issues, contact Customer Services (here).

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Pay as you go e sim

can anyone tell me what the b****** hell is going on?! I ordered a new PAYG Plus plan with Vodafone on 08.05.24 and selected the option to transfer my number from Lebara and provided a PAC number.I received several emails from Vodafone and one of the...

Incorrect charges on PAYG1

Hello,The last two days, I've been charged the £1 PAYG1 usage charge. However, on both days, I've sent zero SMS, made zero calls and used zero data. In fact, I have mobile data turned off on my device and also blocked in my account "Controls and limi...

Online access and account problem

I have had a PAYG Acc. over many years. Today I wanted to access the Vodafone "Add Extras" section but couldn't, message ' We're working hard to fix the issue, try again later". I have been trying over 12 hours today (Sunday), same message. When I fo...

comvo by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Topping up from overseas issue

Hello, I hope someone can help.I am trying to top-up from the UK as I am out of NZ for a while - but would like to keep my number going (I have had it for nearly 2 decades and will be back and would of course like my old number when I am)I unfortunat...

PAYG Slow data and poor signal

Hello there, maybe someone can help me. I have two phones on PAYG (one android and one iPhone).I’m buying big value bundle for £30 on both and  before I used to have good signal and extremely slow and poor internet. I’m using Vodafone for years and a...

Gancho92 by 2: Seeker
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I cannot register on the Vodafone website

Hi everyone. I hope you can help. I have a quick story to tell:1. I used to have a Vodafone account that was pay monthly. I paid off the phone associated with it so decided to give Three a go.2. I moved my number (let's call it 012345) to Three.3. 5G...

Resolved! Mobile Data settings

I've tried multiple times to download and install new mobile data settings for my iphone12.I recently updated to IOS 17.4.1. Vodafone sent a text with new mobile data settings which I downloaded and then installed. But iphone keeps saying cannot conn...

Can’t top up

When I go to top up it says must be a Vodafone number.  It is a Vodafone number. Also no one can call or text me.