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A place to discuss the My Vodafone App, bundles, Vodafone devices, Pay as you go Rewards and more. For any account specific issues, contact Customer Services (here).

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My texts to 2345 and 9774 ie Vodafone numbers did not send but i can send texts to friends 

Perth by 2: Seeker
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My Vodafone app

 Since I changed from pay monthly to PAYG sim I cannot log into My Vodafone.I login, verify my mobile, they send a code and it displays the following message.   So frustrating and please don’t ask me to contact 191.  I do long shifts, no access to ph...

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Recovering a deactivated number

Hi there,  I was directed here by Vodafone support, who said I needed to speak to someone from the Gold Number team, so hoping someone can help me out. My PAYG number, which I've had for 15+ years, was deactivated by Vodafone due to inactivity (when ...

abnewman by 2: Seeker
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Refund after porting out- PAYG sim

Hi, I have a query about receiving a refund for remaining credit on a pay as you go account after porting out from Vodafone to another network. I was under the impression from Vodafone's website that you could reclaim unused credit up to 60 days afte...

Question about Vodafone Pay As You Go

I bought a cheap phone off Amazon and a Pay As You Go sim card. I thought I was just paying per text and call I made. However, I got sent this text message:"Welcome to Pay as you go 1. On the day you use your phone you'll pay £1 and get unlimited min...

refer by 1: Seeker
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sim card

Hi, I think my vodafone sim card has been disconnected as i havent topped up in a good while and I cant use the number connected to the sim card. The phone number was connected to many important social medias such as WhatsApp. Is it possible at all t...

PAC to Vodafone what a mistake

Created account and entered PAC but can't log in.Told to wait 24 hours. Not worked.Told to wait for sim. Got sim put in. Not worked. Sim not provisioned.Support: wait 24 hours48 hours later nothing.What kind of business makes new customers wait until...

Resolved! Advance megabites and minutes

Hi.Since several months before my promotion ends 2 days before i receive megabites and minutes like it was renewed again but i didnt had credit to do so. Like im getting it in advace.And soon as i recharge and renewe it it restarts the promotion. Any...

Alion14 by 2: Seeker
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