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Amazon Prime not working!

3: Seeker

Dear Team

I have been contacting Vodafone to try to resolve my issue with Amazon Prime not working as part of my entertainment package since Nov 2020. I have been in contact via telephone on 3 separate occasions and used TOBI on 3 separate occasions. No one seems to be able to resolve the problem, no one gets back to me and I end up chasing up even when I am reassured and told I will be called back by the tech team. On the last occasion (Jan 7th) I was told I would be contacted in 3-5 days... still waiting! I am not sure anyone even understands the problem despite me repeatedly sending screenshots and trying to explain.


I am getting nowhere. Please can someone respond to this post and help me get the service that I am currently being charged for but not able to access?


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17: Community Champion

That's not good.   Unfortunately, there's no account access via the forum, but the Social Media team will be able to help you.  Drop them a note on Facebook or Twitter and they'll take your details and investigate.

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