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Pay monthly

Anyone know how to get through to these clowns?

2: Seeker

All I need to do is get my money back which they should not have taken.

Story so far....

Cancelled a SIM only contract when found you cannot port your number within Vodafone, and they wanted to triple my bill for the pleasure of being a loyal customer!

The SIM they sent was also faulty, number not recognised, so it had never worked and I was well within the 14-day period anyway.

Spent 2 HOURS on the first call, they then put me through to the wrong department - only found out after being in that queue for 1 HOUR! - Then told I needed to call in the morning as they are soooooo short staffed - poor pumpkins.

Called - no-one available and it cuts you off - after AN HOUR!

Advised by the auto voice to go online.

Spent 4 HOURS on the first online chat, "The quickest way to solve your issues" - then another 1 HOUR queue.

Finally, someone advised they could sort it by calling another number.

Yes, another queue. At last, a human, yes, no problem, all sorted.

But, oh no, they have billed me for the account that was cancelled, the SIM that didn't work and the number that doesn't actually exist!

Guess what, the team that deals with it isn't available - auto cut-off and the 'Quick as lightning' online chat is, well, not available.

Does anyone know how to get through to a human who can just action this simple transaction and refund my money?

Community Manager

Hey @JimmyBrown., It sounds like your first bill was produced and payment requested from your bank before your cancellation request was submitted. Once your service is cancelled and your final bill produced, any payment made in advance will be refunded. If you'd like us to double check this for you, we'll need access to your account. As we're unable to discuss your account here, pop us a private message through on of our social channels. When greeted by our digital assistant, select 'Get started' followed by 'asked to DM' and a member of our social media team will be more than happy to confirm this for you.

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2: Seeker

Thanks Mark

Yes, tried the DM approach on Twitter. The bot offered me an upgrade!

I'll try again and see if a more 'bottish' way of typing gets through.

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2: Seeker

No joy with the Twitter messages.

No response since automated request for info 16 hours ago.

Live chat still just a spinning wheel.


17: Community Champion

The team deal with all enquiries in turn.   By my calculation, 16 hours ago would be about 4pm and the service isn't 24 hour, so you're probably being a bit ambitious in expecting a reply just yet, I'm afraid.

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