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Pay monthly

At end of contract.. What if I do nothing

2: Seeker

I don't want to upgrade I just want my sim to Continue. If I do nothing will the monthly cost that previously Inclouded the cost of the phone automatically reduce? 

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17: Community Champion

If you do nothing then your contract would drop onto a 30 day rolling contract @STEVEMEAKIN 

Any discount may also end when the full term is reached.

Older contra ts had the cost of the phone built into them as a perk of the contract so the tariff would probably remain the same.

It's the new evo contracts from Vodafone that have a separate costing for the phone.

Personally I wouldn't wait for any potential contact from Vodafone as this isn't guaranteed.

Instead I'd contact them via 191 or Live Chat near to the end date to acquire my options.


Stay as I am.


Go to sim only if my current phone is ok.

Change to Vodafone Payg.

Change to Vodafone Voxi.

Look at independents offers such as from Carphone Warehouse.

The nearer you are to your contract end date will mean a better negotiating position for you.

If you do call 191 choose the thinking of leaving option which gets you through to the Retentions department who can broker a better deal than the front line agents.

Use buzz words like ' Pac  / Stac Codes '


Current Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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