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Buying the 15 day europe additional roaming while not in the UK

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2: Seeker


I have a UK Sim but am currently living short term in Germany. I have now exceeded the 25G of data limit for EU roaming and would like to buy more. Online it says to text 40506 with 15DAYEUROPE to do this but when I tried it returned vodafone error 0, even though I bought more texts I think this is because it is a UK short code not a Germany one. How then can I buy more data is there a Germany shortcode?


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Get travel insurance. Mine was about $45. Cheap for peace of mind. We had a family member who was iffy, and we sort of expected to have to fly back.

It will have some medical coverage. Just research well.

For phone, I bought international minutes and kept it on airplane mode but connected to ship Wi-Fi on board and the local provider on shore (for maps!)

I was able to use the ship’s app, message some people, and do light social media without any impact.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

If you are on a plan with roaming included and go over your 25GB allowance @et454 you will be charged extra, you won't be able to purchase a roaming pack, Vodafone make this clear here: How much of my data allowance can I use abroad? To purchase extra data, you may need to increase your Spend Manager.

If you are in Germany for an extended period, get yourself a local PAYG SIM and enjoy local rates or only use a WiFi connection.