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Combining accounts

2: Seeker

Can anyone help with combining accounts?

I already have an existing account. 3 months ago I bought my daughter a new phone through, but obviously using my email address. I have never received any welcome emails from VF (I'm guessing as my email address was already in use?). I requested that both numbers be on my existing account.

I've now tried unsuccessfully to combine my accounts on two occasions through customer services. I've filled out the change of ownership form both times, but haven't heard anything back. I keep checking my bill and nothing has changed. 
Worth noting that I have not yet received a bill for my daughters phone, though I have been paying the DD obviously...😡


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17: Community Champion

Hello @Grumpydad123 


Not sure if the issue could be that the contract was taken out via an independent.

It shouldn't.

It could be the change of ownership hindering the process.

It shouldn't if you didn't this a few months ago.

Have a word with the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries  as they have access to accounts to help.


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2: Seeker

Thanks mate. 
To be fair, the first time I tried it was immediately when I got the phone, so not sure I'm at fault. 

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