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Data roaming not working

1: Seeker


i am now in Italy and received a text saying there are no data roaming charges and I receive an extra 2GB of roaming data for free. I have run of of my data in the U.K.  But when I tried to use it, the data doesn't work at all. I made sure data roaming was on and reset a few settings with no hope. Help, please?

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17: Community Champion

When you say you made sure Data Roaming was On - is that within the settings of your phone or your Vodafone Account. The Roaming Bar needs to be Off in your MyVodafone @Rohan-12

Is Mobile Data definitely toggled to On in your phones settings. 

Are you able to make calls and send texts ?

As a process of elimination can you manually choose another available Network if there is one and if possible try your sim card in another phone as your phones frequencies and bands  may not work on the ones the foreign network uses. 

The Network your on maybe experiencing their own signal issues. 

May I say - Unfortunately Vodafone U.K cannot also guarantee everything will work as they have no access to a foreign network. 

Live Chat can check your Account or you could ring them too. 

All 'Contact Us' details are in > Vodafone Contact Us.

I note you say you've used up all your Data in the U.K so I'm wondering if that's had an impact on why you can't connect even though I know you've said Vodafone have applied 2Gb of Data - but in retrospect that wouldn't last too long in connection to data use.

Some Abroad Help and Advise in > Vodafone - Costs - Travelling-abroad.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Rohan-12


When you mention having reset some settings, these don't change, you use the same settings as you would in the UK.


If you are roaming on Vodafone Italy, as far as connection is concerned, you won't have any problems.  The most likely reasons are a data cap on your account or a data roaming bar.


If you are able to make calls, the best way to get this solved is by contacting Vodafone on the calling from abroad number +447836191191 for account access.

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1: Seeker

I struggled with Vodafone to get my Data roaming working in Switzerland and Italy last week.


In the end no-one could make it work after hours on the chat with them.


There is no data cap or bar on My Vodafone and my data works fine in the UK.


I will be cancelling my contract soon because of failure to provide the advertised service.


Of course I cannot test anything that they suggest now because I am back in the UK.

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@androidiosuser I'm sorry to hear you feel this way.
Was your phone set up to use abroad? For future purposes, you can find more information on how to do this here.
You'll be able to manage any restrictions or caps you may have on your account online via My Vodafone.
If you're abroad in the future and you're still experiencing issues after following the above steps, it would be best to contact our Live Chat team, they'll be able to check everything on your account is set up correctly.

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2: Seeker

My roaming data has not worked in Spain and France despite a week of being on calls with Vodafone. I have an IPhone 6S and maybe they have some compatibility issues but I will certainly be cancelling my contract as Vodafone is unable to reliably cover Europe. I would also recommend to anyone else who goes abroad not to go with Vodafone. Complete waste of time. 

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16: Advanced member

Hi Matt,

You don't need to make recommendations to people who go abroad not to go with Vodafone. 

It's very clear that there's an issue on your account that Vodafone need to fix in order for your account to work properly abroad. 

But it's a problem with your account, not everyones.

Roaming coverage and data aborad was one of the reasons I switched back to Vodafone.

I hope they pick this up for you and get it resolved quickly. No data would drive me nuts.

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17: Community Champion

Also having trouble with international roaming won’t be a reason for being able to cancel a contract free of a penalty. 


I roam regularly and I’ve never had a problem with any of the four phones on my account. 


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@Mattphillips001 So we can take a look into the issues you're experiencing when roaming, I've sent you a private message.

Please follow the details provided to contact our team directly, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible to help.

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2: Seeker

I travel to China regularly on business. I have a Samsung Ga;laxy S7, my first phone on Vodafone for m many years. I have no problem making or receiving calls abroad, not in any service in UK. But I cannot get mobile data abroad. 

I have exactly the same problem in both China and Norway. Probably elsewhere too but I havent travelled anywhere to try.

I have reported this to Vodafone chat on two occasions. They have confirmed that there are no bars on the account. Last November I was promised that the issue would be escalated for technical assitance. When I contacted again this month I was told that the earlier chat was recorded but there was no evidence of any escalation. Nor has anyone contacted me. But on the last occasion I was told that it should be ok. 


The phone is set up correctly. I even took it to a Vodafone shop so they could check. 


I am understandably frustrated. I have no means of verifying that the problem is fixed. Can anyone help?

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@mnelson As we'll need access to your account to investigate this fully, send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

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2: Seeker

Would appreciate your resending the private message with the link you mentioned as this was not working.




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@mnelson - One thing to check before you send us your details, is that your data roaming's activated on your phone. 🌍

To do this, please select the following:

  1. Settings
  2. Connections
  3. Mobile network
  4. Data roaming
  5. Select ‘on’

If it's already switched on, then we can take a look at your account.

I’ve resent the private message. When you view it, please select the hyperlink located under the word ‘here’ and follow the steps from there. ☺️


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