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Direct direct not yet taken

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I’m fairly new to pay monthly billing having moved over from payg and trying to get my head around when Vodafone send payment requests to bank as my payment has yet to be taken from bank even though my Vodafone account is showing it as paid


basically my regular payment due date (in which money normally leaves my bank account) is 25th of each month and my billing state’s payment for January 22 was received on the 22nd which I presume is the regular date Vodafone submit payment request to bank in line with the bacs 3 working day payment cycle 


so my question is if submission date ie 22nd falls on a weekend is the payment request made on the Friday before or the Monday after meaning the actual payment won’t leave my bank account on payment due date (25th)


I’m probably jumping ahead of myself here and payment will leave my account in the next day or two (I will keep an eye on my bank) but if anyone can give any clarity it would be much appreciated 


thank you



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17: Community Champion

Hi @BSF74 


The direct debit date is the 25th or shortly thereafter, that means is the direct debit date is a Friday, the money will be taken the following working day Monday.  


Banks usually send a notification to let you know when the direct debit is due to be taken, you should also receive a notification from the bank when the money leaves the account to let you know it is being paid.


edited in reply to @BSF74 you will probably find the money leaves your account tonight shortly after midnight and you will receive a notification from the bank tomorrow morning.  Before taking money by direct debit, Vodafone would have been obliged to let you know how much they would be taking around two weeks before the due date. You shouldn't have anything to be concerned about, check your Application in the morning.

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thanks but that’s what is confusing it’s the 25th today and payment hasn’t left my account 


I thought the or shortly after referred to when the payment due date fell on a weekend which for this month isn’t the case hence why I was asking when Vodafone submit the actual payment requests


I’ll keep an eye over the next couple days and hopefully it’ll be taken sooner rather than later 

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