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Double billing - two accounts created with one phone number

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I am writing on behalf of my mother who is an older person, and has been (unhappily) a customer Vodafone's mobile phone pay-as-you-go plan for about 5 years.

She has been billed 2x every single month since 2019. She gets billed once around the 11th of the month and once around the 28th of the month, the exact same amount but for two different Vodafone account numbers which appear on her Bank Statement. There are two account numbers on her Vodafone app too, we recently learned. But she has only got one phone number, and there is only one phone number on her app. From charges incurred by texting abroad on a couple of occasions, we have figured out which account number is actually linked to the phone number, and which is a weird anomaly which is costing her double every month.

The many times we have tried to ask Vodafone about the issue, they confirm that her Bank Account and email is linked with only one phone number - but two account numbers ... They say that two accounts were made by her in 2019 - which we obviously dispute as that would be totally pointless on her behalf, given there's only one phone number she could and has used. When we alleged that one account was made in error by them, they suggested this was an allegation of "fraud" (which is not covered by CISAS...) and they "investigated"; the conclusion was that it was not fraud.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? Does anyone know if a Deadlock Letter will always be called a "Deadlock Letter" in the subject/make mention of it? CISAS has a 12 month limit after receiving a Deadlock Letter to exercise its jurisdiction, and I want to make sure we are within that limit, and that the conclusion of the "fraud investigation" is not a Deadlock Letter, which I doubt it could be, given that fraud is not within CISAS' jurisdiction, so Vodafone would not need to issue a Deadlock Letter. 

Any similar experiences or tips - please let me know!


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

This is going to need essential account access @acrrm , the Social Team will be in a position to investigate the reason for two account numbers and escalate if needed.

You can speak to the Social Team through social channels by following the information on this link Contact Us .  Before contacting the Team make sure you have full authority over the account.