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Pay monthly

Early Termination Fee

2: Seeker

If I have been quoted and ETF (Early Termination Fee) by texting Info to 150 is that ETF for my whole plan i.e. broadband & mobile phone or just one of those.  Both phone and broadband are billed under the same bill and included on the same account number. 


Your responses appreviated.



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16: Advanced member

Honest answer is I'm not sure (as I'd assume the mobile and the landline would have different contract dates, minimum terms etc.)

Best way to get your answer is take your mobile monthly charge and times it by however many months you have left on your contract. If the figure comes out around the amount you've given then it's mobile only. 

You don't get the VAT reduction on ETFs anymore.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Tommyb123 


Totally appreciate you need this information to be exact as to what you need to pay.

I'd suggest to speak with Live Chat or customer service via phone or via the Vodafone Social Media Teams Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

With account access not being available via this forum you can't be advised via your post here from the Vodafone Social Media Teams.

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