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Emergency contact with Vodafone

1: Seeker

My phone stopped working last night on my way home last.  "no service" showed at the top of the screen.

I could not login in to Vodafone  because I couldn't receive the TFA code.  Vodafone's website said there were no known service problems in my area.

I rebooted my phone a few times  but there was still no service. I panicked in case my number had been hijacked and so I logged into my bank and changed the mobile contact number.

I took the SIM card out & left it overnight - it is working again this morning.

However, does anyone know what precautions I can take against a real emergency?    Is there an emergency way to contact Vodafone when TFA is not available? The TOBI robot doesn't seem to work on my laptop at all.



Hi @davetwo. It's disappointing to hear that your service was interrupted. We completely understand how alarming this must of been, especially while away from home. Although it's great to hear that your service is back up and running, it's still not the smooth experience we want you to have. 

In regards to your question, we don't have an emergency Customer Service channel of contact. If your service is interrupted and you're at home we would advise using WiFi Calling if you'd like to call us - our team can pass security with you using an alternative security method. We also have a dedicated Customer Care team via social media. Although this option would depend on the time of day, you can also pop into your nearest Vodafone Hub

I have checked our Live Chat/TOBi service and I can confirm that it's fully operational across all platforms and devices. If you're experiencing an issue on your laptop, it would be a case of standard troubleshooting steps such as trying an alternative web browser, clearing your cache/cookies and/or trying incognito/private mode.