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2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I was a vodafone customer for years and then tjey screwed me over. I had a contract for myself and my husband back in 2021 (I think I can't remember specifics) my husband had a device plan and then airtime plan. Fine not a problem once we realised as we wasn't told this when taking out the contract which lead me into becoming behind with the device payments but I got that sorted and upto date. Then in April  time 2022 I kept getting emails saying that the device payment was over due yet it has been paid. This went on for a few months, we was still paying for the device and airtime. Sent loads of evidence into Vodafone to show that I had paid it but they wouldn't accept that I was right and they was wrong. So I cut my losses and cancelled mine and my husbands contracts around April 2023 and went elsewhere. 

Now because I didn't pay off the remaining balances for cancelling outside a cooling off period and before the end of the contract we had big bills to pay, no problem they're getting paid now. My airtime bill was £121 outstanding but I never got any correspondence from anyone about this. I just keep seeing it on my credit file that it's Vodafone Ltd Gemini Telecommunications £121 in arrears. 

I have spoken to vodafone a few times who keep telling me it's been sols onto tdx prime who have told me they sent it back to vodafone. Then I was told today that its been with lowell financial since July 2023 yet when contacting lowell they have no idea who I am or what debt I'm on about as they have 0 record of me. 

How can I get this sorted out as its drsgging my credit score down. 




Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to see there's some confusion over who's managing the debt on your old account @Louiseth1988. as we've no account access here, we'll be unable to assist you further via this channel. If the account was in your name, please pop us a private message via one of our social channels. We'll be more than happy to take a closer look into this, straighten out any confusion, and make sure any incorrect information's been removed.