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2: Seeker
I haven't been able to use mobile data for 3 hours. I cannot login to the Vodafone app! I have called many times on the phone but it is not urgent.No live support! I can never communicate on the phone
Do you want us to give birth? Why did I choose you? I was very happy with EE company  Some of my things are ruined because of you
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16: Advanced member

Not a great situation to find yourself in. Hopefully you're sorted by now. If not, give 191 a call and get some technical assistance. 

Alternatively, reach out to Vodafone via Twitter or Facebook and the social media team will pick up and assist. 

I wish you good luck

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Hi @yildiray84 Being without data for any length of time can be frustrating, but there are a few things you can do to try and rectify this. 

The first would be to use the MyVodafone app, or your online account to check your usage and make sure that you've got data remaining on your plan. If you do have data remaining, the next step would be to give your phone a quick restart.

If this fails, I'd recommend taking a look at our Network Status Checker (which you can find here) to see if there are only known mast issues or network problems in your area. If there are, a quick manual roam can work wonders. 

If all of these steps fail, I'd recommend contacting our Social Media team here, they'll be able to run some more in-depth tests with you, and should be able to get you up and running again, or advise the next best steps if not.

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