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Is receiving call on roam further destination free?

1: Seeker



I need some clarification, i am travelling to UAE soon which is a roam further destination.  Is my understanding correct i would only be charged £6 daily if i were to use any outgoing calls or data?


So in the above case would incoming be free if i answered the call?   I am on the Red 20 plan if it makes any difference.



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17: Community Champion

Yes @chrisnasah 


It always free to receive standard rate calls and texts see here:  Travelling Aborad UAE 


To avoid the £6.00 daily charge make sure you have mobile data and roaming data turned off.

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1: Seeker

Thanks for confirming.

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16: Advanced member

Another useful trick is to set your account spend limit to 0 GBP via your My Vodafone account. 

Guarantees you can't incur any charges whilst you're roaming

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