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Leaving, final bill & smart watch disconnection help

7: Helper
7: Helper


I have a Samsung Fold 3 Device plan (1 payment remaining), Samsung watch Device plan (1 payment remaining) & the 2 airtime plans for each. 

On the 6th December I used the provided PAC code to transfer over to a Lebara sim only plan. I am the account holder but my son uses the handset /watch. Therefore on my online account there are 2 numbers registered (my sons actual vodafone one which has now been transferred to Lebara) & my own mobile as a secondary number. Unfortunately I am unable to login to my account now as I have left Vodafone so I can't see any bills etc..

Before requesting my PAC I asked for an outline of approx charges still left to pay which would include the last device plan payment for my Samsung Fold 3 & the Samsung smart watch. They also advised of a possible credit and the small outstanding amount owed on the airtime contract. (including a very small early termination fee I believe)

I also asked would the smart watch airtime plan also be cancelled and the answer I was given was very vague in that they said "it should be" ? I am aware that the airtime plan for the watch has a different number attached just so Vodafone can identify it at their end (this is alongside my standard main number which I have now moved to Lebara).

Can someone definitely clarify whether this smart airtime plan for the watch will be cancelled too please?  
I was advised I should receive my final bill within 14 days but will I actually receive an actual paper final bill? (As I can't access bills online anymore)

As yet I have not received any letter or email to confirm my account has now been closed, but that's understandable as it was only 3 days ago I moved to Lebara. I did however receive a call from Vodafone retention's team the day before transfer to see if they could offer me a deal to stay but unfortunately Lebara offered much cheaper sim plan deal (as my son didn't want a new device). I have never had any issues with Vodafone service etc.. 

Obviously I have left my Direct Debit in place for the final payments from Vodafone.
Any help from the vodafone forum advisers would be much appreciated. 




Hi @wharfedale66 👋 We can certainly take a look over your account and check the status to make sure your watch airtime plan has also cancelled. We don't have account access here over the forum, but if you drop us a message via the social team (details here) we can make sure everything is being cancelled for you.

Many thanks @Andy I'll drop them a message 😉