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Phone not ported correctly

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi Can you help with Lebara mobile as they use Vodafone? My phone has not ported correctly and I can't receive calls or texts. I can make calls though. Help gratefully received.


7: Helper
7: Helper

When you login to Lebara does it show your actual number you ported or the temporary number they provided. If it shows the actual ported number, that usually means your number has ported over to them.

I know it may be pretty obvious but have you tried switching the phone off & back on ? 

It's unlikely Vodafone would be able to assist (even tho Lebara uses the Vodafone network), you can call Lebara from your handset dial 5588 or use their live chat from their website


Hi @AndyACady 👋 @wharfedale66 is correct. Lebara's porting team will be able to raise this through their own channels, they will then contact us if an issue with the port of your number is found so that this can be rectified.

Thanks for the replies. Yes tired switching on and off, putting SIM back in etc. I have been calling Lebara for a week now and they just say it is with their technical team who say I need to wait another 24 hours. I'm going to try PAC code and move to another provider but worried that something is wrong with the porting to Lebara 

I understand @AndyACady If there is an issue with the original port, this will most likely carry over to the new provider if you port again. However issues like these are normally easily rectified as long as it's raised correctly by the porting team of the network you're currently on. All networks have a system in place to check on the status of the port and liaise with each other if there is an issue with you number routing correctly. I hope this can be resolved quickly for you.