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Missing trade in phone!

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience amd where to go from here.

I did a trade in deal for my Galaxy Z Fold 4 to the new Ultra 24. The deal was too good and decided this was my best option to receive money off.

Vodafone sent me a prepaid cardboard box with a DPD label attached. I took photos of my phone and it's homescreens and IMEI . I then wrapped it in bubble wrap,  as the box seemed too flimsy for such an expensive item. Sealed it took more pictures,  even weighed it 😆  I was really apprehensive sending it out into the world but figured people do it everyday.

DPD collected the package and updated tracking and then somehow miraculously between one driver collecting it and it going to the sortation warehouse it disappeared.  No more tracking . Just a sorry for the delay we will be back to you in 24 hours. Well 6 days have now passed and nothing. No updates, no response to messages , emails. Can't physically speak to anyone at DPD. Here lies the problem....

My contract is with Vodafone , this original device I am paying off still, regardless.  This would have just lowered my bills substantially.

Vodafone formed the contract with me to trade in. They then formed a contract with Ingram to trade my phone in. Ingram sent the box out for my phone, they formed a contract with DPD to collect it. There was no other way I could send my phone, I was given no option. No way to add insurance either, asked at post office. My phone was at the mercy of DPD. DPD have failed to deliver my phone and have gone no contact with me . Everyone seems to be passing the buck. I find it very skeptical that DPD "lost" my phone but ok ....

My problem is, why should I be out of pocket or without my phone I sent in for valuation because of errors outside my control. I upheld my end of the bargain and why is it only I'm worried about the fact it's disappeared into thin air. I only had 14 days for them to receive it. They have  said if it arrives after that date, no matter what, the trade in deal is cancelled . Then what ? I've no phone, no trade in deal and no reimbursement because they lost my phone.  

I'm beyond stressed.  It's not like I can just say "oh well , there goes a  1200 quid phone "and keep paying off the finance. Surely they have to have responsibility for this whole fiasco. Trying to get anyone to help is impossible  . I'm worried a driver stole it now after seeing so many news reports of this happening recently.  Low paid workers making ends meet . I hope not , but wother way its missing and who knows it what state its in now .Either way I could use some advice where to go next as I'm going around in circles here! Anyone else had this happen and it was resolved?



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The phone may nor be lost @Bobbysgirl3 .  According to the trade in information from the website on this link under FAQ's Trade In it can take up to 5 working days after being received for it to be checked before you receive the trade in credit.

Understand you concern with it being a valuable device, but you you should get some confirmation next week.  For peace of mind, drop the Social Team a message through social channels with a link to the thread by following this information Contact Us the Team will be able to investigate this on your behalf and get back to you.  Being a weekend, they may not have an answer until Monday or Tuesday but don't worry they won't forget.

Thanks I'm aware of Ingrams trade in time line. The fact is they have not received the phone at all. They are still sending me messages saying I have 3 days left to return it, I've been chasing it up for a week  but DPD have "misplaced " it.

Same thing with me. Sent phone off using the pre paid track and the tracking just keeps stating 'rescheduled for X at X as requested' this has happened 4 times and now it states with the DPD depot. Tried phoning DPD and they said the parcel is out for delivery and could not give me anymore information as I was not the recipient. Attempted to use online chat with Vodafone which was useless. Spoke to vodafone over the phone and they stated that there was a note on my file to say that the trade in as been successful and payment is being processed. They then sent a message through to confirm the same however the dpd tracking still says in transit and very confused. This is from today so still waiting to see if the money arrives in account in the next 5 to 10 working days but I do not have much hope. 

Hi @ShireenPrewett Thanks for your message! We understand it's important to have full clarity on this so our team would love to help. Please send us a message over on our Social channels  and we'll take a closer look. Just let them know you've posted here too.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Just curious did you make a note of the postcode for delivery? If so can you share?


I dropped off my return but now can’t track it as I didn’t take a photo of the label, I have the DPD receipt code but can’t track without the postal code. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @OliArn - I can see from your other post, that you've now located the address and I've advised how you can get in touch with my team so that we can track this.