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Monitoring Data usage across multiple devices

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We currently have 85 phones on a small business group policy with a shared data allowance.  Whilst the lead user does receive notifications of people exceeding their individual allocation of the allowance, we do not get excessive use alerts, we cannot see who is using what on a easy to view basis and we cant see if we exceed or come close to our data allowance.


Is there a dashboard or a report that can be run on a daily basis to get a clear view of who is using what and how close we are to our data allowance before we are charged?

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Hey @RoyWatkinson, I can understand how chasing usage on so many numbers would be a laborious task. Have you been in touch with our dedicated Business Customer Service team about this? You can reach out to them by calling 191 from any number connected to the account, I'm sure they'll be able to help to put a cap on usage for each of the numbers, or help make monitoring this usage online. Our Business Live Chat team will also be able to look into ways in making this easier for you too.

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