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Pay monthly


2: Seeker

Hi - New to the forums.


I am interested  in vodafone onenumber.

It could be a useful way for me to make and receive phone calls ( hands free) using my echo auto.


However, although I have vodafone broadband, I do not have any mobile plans with Vodafone.

So..... I am not a great user of data and such, so I was looking at the ''basics'' plans 

I do not need a phone so I was looking at a monthly ''basics'' sim  contract -  possibly  6 or 8 pounds /month

Can I get oneNumber on these contracts??

Also, one of the limitations of these basics plans seems to be no video calling! - how on earth can Vodafone stop somebody video calling??

I mean - the irony - the oneumber is designed for Alexa, and yet you cant make a video call - really??


If anyone can enlighten me, I would be grateful.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @voltron 


Vodafone One Number is a feature that can be added to most Pay Monthly Contracts , which then can cost an extra £7 per month to have.

It's free to hook up an Alexa which is explained in 

This is the support page for One Number @voltron  … onenumber. 

I appreciate what your saying as the Basics Sim Only has a few restrictions on them so maybe you'll need to look at the other Sim Only Pay Monthly options.

Where does it say that the feature you would like is not included  ?

I can't see that in the restrictions list on those plans.


Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @voltron 


You won't be able to add One Number to a Basics Plan, it's straight forward UK to UK calls and texts, Data speed would be restricted to 10 Mbps, and will automatically be capped to stop you going over the allowance.  There is further information here: Basics 


You can check if the plan is eligible for One Number here: One Number 


As you are a broadband customer check out Vodafone Together here: Vodafone Together you will then receive a discounted phone plan where you would be able to add One Number to the account.

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2: Seeker

Thanks all,


The one number site is pretty useless for information .

How can you check a plans eligibility when you haven't got a number yet!!

Also, I have never seen the additional charge of  7 pounds/month, just for the service ?

I have been on the phone with Vodafone for 15 minutes asking these questions - they don't seem to know the details themselves. ( they eventually hung up on me)


I will keep asking, but sadly, I am always disappointed with vodafones customer service,  - and I have been with them for over four years 


Time for a change maybe 🙂






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Hi @voltron, a lot of our latest Pay Monthly plans will be eligible with OneNumber! Only some of our older plans (such as our discontinued Red Sharer plans), our Basics plans and our Business plans won't be eligible. 

I'm sorry to see we lost you during your call to us! You can also chat to us regarding the best plan for you on Live Chat. You may also have a plan listed in your exclusive offers in your My Vodafone account as you're an existing customer 😊

If you need any assistance after choosing and getting started with your plan, you can find more assistance through the links @BandOfBrothers and @AnnS have provided, you can drop us another message on your thread here or on social media.


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