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Ongoing Data Dispute without an account

2: Seeker

I received a letter from a credit management company for Vodafone for over £1000 explaining they were defaulting an account which was set up by my old work under my old address, back in 2019. The account should have been transferred over to the business account when I left that job. I have a letter from my old work confirming the details. I had no idea the account even still existed and was not given any previous notice that this was the case or that it was defaulting on payments. 


I have spoken to multiple people on the customer services team amounting to around 10 hours, including being escalated to the 'director team', I have spoken to the live web chat, I have tried social media, I have been into two different stores and spoken to a retention specialist over the phone who assured me would get this sorted, however she now will not respond to my emails and I don't have a contact number for her. I am struggling to get any help or any resolution to my problem as I am unable to get through verification stage due to the fact that I don't have required information to access to this account.


I have discussed with Experian and raised a data dispute with them, however Vodafone have rejected this twice saying I need to call them directly, which I have tried. My old work have rectified and taken over the account, and settled the outstanding payment, however I am unable to get hold of anyone from the Credit File Team to help investigate this further. It has reduced my credit score to almost nothing and is continuing to have a large impact on my personal life and I just want to speak to someone who will look in my case. 

Has anyone had a similar experience and if so I would appreciate some guidance on whether you were able to sort out?!



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17: Community Champion

It sounds as though you have enough documentation to support this.   I'd suggest contacting the credit managament company with copies.   At this stage, it's most likely that they would be the people to return it to Vodafone.   I know you've spoken to Experian, but it's not quite clear whether you've put a note on your record stating the basic facts of the case, which would also be advisable.

Once you have this resolved, make sure your credit record is fully cleaned, of course.

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17: Community Champion

What an awful situation to be caught up in @SBoultbee 

Experian should be able to add a notice of correction at the very minimum.

You could now raise a complaint to Vodafone and then if they can't resolve this amicably you could ask the Communications Ombudsman to arbitrate on your behalf.

Vodafone complaints/code-of-practice. 

I see you've already taken this to the higher customer relations levels but if this was my situation I'd still persevere with this.

I wish you all the best with this. 


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