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Pay monthly


2: Seeker

I have a few phones on my personal account (family business) and I have a work phone.

I have been with EE for at least 15 years and with the same phone company based in Hertfordshire who were looking after all my mobile phones.

The company was sold and the new owner his sales director advised me that I should switch my work phone over to Vodaphone as the roaming charges are a lot cheaper than EE as I travel a lot on business.   As I have been with this company for so long and all that changed was one director was bought out I totally still trusted them so I switched as advised 


My first bill came in at £300.   My EE bills were around half of that.  Since I am not travelling at the moment I thought that was high.   I complained and they said it was due to my bundles not kicking in and that I would get a small credit note

My second bill then came in at £1600!!!   I again complained and a lot heavier.   I started to look into this and it turns out that my contract goes through this Hertfordshire company who then go through another company who then go back to Vodaphone!!   

I was never told this would happen and I was never told that whilst my roaming charges were cheaper than EE my charges calling out to the Rest of World would be astronomical  

My third bill arrived after all my complaints and pleading to release me from the contract and that was £900!!   I have managed to get a £600 credit note but I am left scared to use my phone and its stressed me so much it caused me to have an anxiety attack of which i had to call the doctors and speak to them 


What can I do as I have a 2 year contract with these guys?   They are telling me all sorts of things but I have lost trust and do not believe them. 


This contract is definitely not for me as going from £150 approx per month from EE to these random crazy amounts being billed by a company who is re-billing me from another party is worrying me to death


What are my options and what can i do?


Appreciate all your help and advise please 


Thank you 

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17: Community Champion

This is going to still need account access in order to work out why your bills are so high.

The account holder can ask the Vodafone Social Media Team's to look at this via Twitter or Facebook Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

A person has a 14 day cooling off period to end the contract without any early termination fee's but after that it can be expensive to buy out the contract.

More here I-want-to-cancel-my-Pay-monthly-service. 



Are you on a business contract or Pay Monthly Customer  ?

Was the contract taken out directly with Vodafone or via an independent.

This all certainly needs properly investigating.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Tony-X 


From what you have written the company account is with a third party.  If you are being charged that amount on a monthly basis, you are being charged for more than one number.  If you have the bills, this will give all the information needed to know exactly how many numbers are on the account and the reason for all the charges.


You need to discuss this with the the new owner and Sales Director, it was at their recommendation that you made the change after the company was sold to new management.


As the account is with a third party and not with Vodafone directly, you will need to take this up with the third party, they should also be able to let you know the reason for the charges and how many lines are on the account. If this is a work phone and a business number, you are probably on a business account, this is usually paid by the employer,


Unfortunately, it's unlikely Vodafone will be able to help, they won't have access to the account when it is with the third party telecom company.

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