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Phone not dispatched

2: Seeker

Hi all.

Ive ordered galaxy s21 1/12/21 and still had no dispatch information. Ive contacted Vodafone and been told a) Black Friday causing delays with DPD, b) no stock, c) its been picked but awaiting DPD.


I can see others have had orders delayed but roughly how long have people been waiting for delivery of their items?

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2: Seeker

I'm in the same boat.. ordered on the 29th, told it would be 3-4 weeks for the colour I've ordered..

Was in a Vodafone shop at the weekend, and just joking said don't suppose you have any S21's out the back and the guy said yeah we had two randomly delivered yesterday.  Sadly i couldn't have one, but they are getting them out there somehow.. just very flipping slowly!!

Not got to the point of wanting to shout at Vodafone yet, but i'm not expecting to have the phone this side of Xmas.  Bit of a joke when yesterday they were selling the phone as being sent in 1-2 weeks, which has now jumped to 3-4 weeks!

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13: Advanced Member

It won't be anything to do with DPD. Vodafone likely just don't have any in stock! It's not just Vodafone that are having issues supplying phones to customers, it's happening on other networks too. Vodafone are probably just telling you it's in the warehouse or it's been picked to keep you on the hook.

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