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Return/Credit Check

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi ! 

I have an account with vodafone that currently has 2 active phones. I ordered a 3rd phone but it was rejected by the receiver. The phone is now being sent back to the warehouse and will be cancelled once it arrives there.


I tried to order a replacement but it said i failed the credit check? Which is bizarre because i already purchased 2 phones with the same card on the same account. Is this because the 3rd phone has not yet been received by the warehouse? and i can not buy another before that one has been cancelled by vodafone?


Thanks so much


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @lucyfrank2 


Until the returned phone has been received back to the warehouse you won't be able to reorder.


As you already have 2 contracts, this may also be due to the credit limit on the account and this would be something worth checking with Vodafone.   If this is a new contract and you already have two lines, Vodafone have a three month clear payment rule before being able to add additional lines.


Due to Covid, there is a delay at the warehouse for returned devices and it may take longer than usual for the phone to be checked by the warehouse.

Thank you so much @AnnS. That is really helpful !!